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Gunnison Gorge near Montrose Offers Beautiful Landscapes and Healthy Activities Year-Round

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

Snowy nature scene, mountains in background Although beautiful, melting snow can cause flooding. SERVPRO is on call to remediate any flood damage your home may receive.

The Gunnison River Carries Snowmelt in the Spring 

Gunnison Gorge was made a National Conservation Area in 1999 and has since enjoyed the development of its trails, pathways, recreation areas, and other amenities. Almost 60,000 acres now hold numerous activities that the public uses while enjoying the great outdoors near Montrose

The Gunnison River's unusual trapping occurs because of the different layers of volcanic rock, hardened ash, and sedimentary stone. Although lava seems hard, it is very brittle. It is possible for intense water pressure, like what the Gunnison River produces, to wear it away over time. There are many activities that tourists and residents both enjoy in this area: 

  • Black Canyon reflects this, with its black rock striated with rose-colored bands, although some of the colors come from the lichens covering the sheer cliff walls. Because of the vertical walls and the deep black of the surroundings, stargazing has become a significant activity.
  • River rafting, either over smooth areas or across whitewater sections, gives enthusiasts a tremendous workout.
  • Camping activities using tents, campers, or RVs provide families, groups, and couples opportunities to gain a deeper appreciation for our Nation's pioneers and explorers.
  • Bicycling, combined with camping or only for the day, lets people unwind while relaxingly exercising, going at your own pace, challenging yourself, or traveling slow enough to take in all the area's beauty.
  • More adventurous visitors enjoy tougher highlights, such as rock climbing and hiking across rougher terrain. Always inform someone where you plan to be and stick to your itinerary.
  • Fishing, swimming, boating, and picnicking are activities that many take part in during the warmer months. Ice fishing, snowshoe hiking, and cross-country skiing fill winter days. 

Because the Gunnison National Park falls under the administration of the National Parks Service and the Bureau of Land Management manages the Black Canyon National Conservation Area, with both falling under the Department of the Interior, these areas are always open to the public. Passes are inexpensive and often valid for a week's worth of activities, letting groups, families, and individuals plan for extended activities instead of only a weekend's worth of fun. While the offices might close for holidays, visitors do not need to leave during such times. 

Leave No Trace 

Legislation forbids fireworks and glass bottles in these areas, as well as any illegal drugs. Other rules include essential but thorough cleaning of your site and surroundings after your stay and leaving no trace. 

Flooding seems to wash everything clean, although this is rarely the case. The garbage from campsites, hiking excursions, and other activities all too easily find its way downstream, often blown into the Gunnison River by even small gusts of wind. As it travels, it affects wildlife and accumulates. 

Before leaving, your area should look much as it did when you arrived. For help in doing this, you can ask someone at the gate when you arrive. 

Have Respect for the Inhabitants in the Area

Many different species of animals live in the wilderness around Montrose. While encounters are rare with the more dangerous bobcat, keeping your more-enticing food in your vehicle or bringing along only canned goods decreases the risk of problems. 

Both the golden eagle and our country's beautiful bald eagle reside here. There are strictly enforced regulations about bald eagles, including feathers found on the ground. The main thing is never to disturb these majestic birds, including any feathers you come across. You should immediately report any injured birds that you discover to a game warden or other authority. If you can take video or photos, that can help in locating the injured eagle more quickly. 

Smaller canines, namely foxes and coyotes, are numerous and feed on the many rodents (field mice, squirrels, and rabbits) found across the terrain. These animals are easily scared away and should not bother you. 

All of these and other animals give people perfect photographic opportunities because they are in their natural environment. Please do not disturb them or their young, especially in the Spring.  

SERVPRO is Nearby, Across Our Mountainous Terrain, when Snowmelt gets out of Hand

Flooding from snowmelt can happen any time after the first snowfall. While flooding is much more likely to occur in the Spring, storms within or nearby Montrose areas during the winter can bring warmer rain. Because of frozen snow and ice layers on the ground, this rain cannot always follow the normal pathways that prevent flooding. Any accumulation of water on the terrain can raise streams and creeks above their banks. 

This warmer rain also melts a significant amount of ice and snow from the ground and frozen bodies of water and rooftops. Snowbanks can force melted snow and ice from your roof toward your home. SERVPRO recommends shoveling sidewalks and walkways in a manner that allows for the drainage of such water, rendering houses and businesses protected adequately from flooding. 

When you notice your efforts need a push in the right direction to protect your property, you can rely on SERVPRO to efficiently get things set up.

  • We have the equipment to pump out standing water and extract small amounts that leave floors damp,
  • We can mitigate existing damage to structural components, and
  • Our equipment is designed to dry your property's interior efficiently while simultaneously monitoring progress. 

Call us, SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride, at (970) 240-6970 after flooding from snowmelt, storms, or other sources create havoc in your life.

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