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How Long Will We Have to Be Out of Our Montrose Home During Flood Restoration?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

Laundry room Flooded SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride is the team that you want on the job when you need help with flood damage.

SERVPRO Works Fast After a Storm Performing Skilled Flood Damage Techniques to Ensure Your Montrose Home Gets Back to Normal

It is understandable that you will have immense worry and frustration after your Montrose home suffers damage after a storm. Either during or immediately after a storm front rolls through, your interior can flood with potentially contaminated water. Whether your roof suffers from damage or floodwater comes into your basement or the first level of your home, prompt action is necessary. SERVPRO features highly-skilled and certified water restoration technicians (WRT) who get to work quickly to limit your home's length of time in disarray. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, meaning that we do everything possible to have a crew at your door within hours of your initial call for emergency service.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Help?
Major storms can bring flood damage in Montrose that can range from mild to severe. Even when you think that you can pull up standing water with mops or a wet-dry vacuum, you need to know that there could be many contaminants that pose health hazards. Our technicians have the techniques and training to handle floodwater containing elements such as fuel, chemicals, fecal matter, and a broad range of debris. Rapid water extraction and applied structural drying allow us to restore your interior so that everything is left “Like it never even happened.” There are several issues that we address when called to any flooding event, such as:

    •    Structural Damage: The pressure from floodwater can start to ruin your walls, ceilings, and floors.
    •    Foundation Damage: High water levels can lead to problems with your foundation, such as cracking or partial washouts.
    •    Content Damage: Different levels of soiling and saturation call for different cleaning methods, so our team adjusts accordingly.
    •    Blackwater: As mentioning, contaminated water entering your home calls for specialized treatment and extra precautions.
    •    Mold Growth: With any water incident, there is the potential for rapid mold growth. We work fast and ensure all areas get treated to inhibit the onset of mold and mildew.

How Can I Tell How Bad the Water Damage Is?
Because each flooding situation is unique, we evaluate your property carefully to tailor our plan for restoration and recovery. Some of the factors that we take into consideration while assessing damage include:

    •    The overall volume of water throughout your interior
    •    The amount of time your belongings and building materials have been submerged in water or exposed to increased moisture
    •    Any of the home's access points where floodwater made its way in

Once our crew factors in all of these elements during the assessment, we can put together a best practices plan for restoration. Our goal is always to perform fast, efficient water extraction followed by thorough drying, cleaning, and sanitizing all affected areas.

Will I Need to Throw Out All Belongings Saturated by Floodwater?
It might be necessary for our water restoration technicians (WRT) to remove any carpeting or upholstered items from your home. If they are not salvageable, we take inventory and then dispose of them carefully according to local guidelines. Whatever things get deemed as no threat to your health can get restored. We have unique cleaning methods tailored to your needs to help limit the loss and save you money. Our Green Fleet of SERVPRO trucks come equipped with:

    •    Submersible pumps and truck-mount extractors
    •    Air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers
    •    EPA-registered cleaning agents and sanitizers
    •    Specialty tools such as air scrubbers and thermal fogging equipment to aid in the elimination of foul, musty odors

Will Any Moisture Get Left Behind?
Our team has access to a vast assortment of tools that allow us to locate and eliminate hidden pockets of moisture not only in the flood zone but also in areas where water may have migrated. We look beyond surface materials to make sure moisture is dried correctly and that everything gets properly cleaned and disinfected. In most flood cleanup projects, we use multiple tools and devices to achieve our goals, such as:

    •    Thermal imaging technology
    •    Surface moisture meters
    •    Probing moisture detectors
    •    Hygrometers, and more

How Do You Know That No Moisture is Lurking Behind Walls?
Our crew knows that moisture often lingers within structural cavities and other tight spaces. We take the time to identify all moisture pockets and then employ positive pressure by way of heated air blasts forced into the cavities. When used promptly, our positive pressure methods can reduce the need for removal due to secondary damage.

With any water restoration project, indoor air quality (IAQ) must get addressed. We take the time to test the air and relative humidity in your home to ensure a safe environment for your family. To finish everything up, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to achieve the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned stamp of approval.

SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride is the team that you want on the job when you need help with flood damage. Call (970) 240-6970 to have a crew sent to your location day or night to get started.

My Montrose Kitchen Sink Cabinet Has Mold – What Can Be Done?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

woman looking in a moldy kitchen cabinet Mold can grow in unseen places but it needs to be taken care of. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services in your home.

If Your Montrose Home has Mold Immediate Remediation is Needed and SERVPRO Can Help

Your Montrose kitchen is a place where meals are prepared and enjoyed, family gathers, and memories are made. Love and laughter grow the more you spend time together. Good times are not the only thing that can grow in your kitchen. If you have damp areas, mold can grow as well.

How Can I Be Sure it is Mold?

Mold is a fungus and it reproduces through microscopic spores, developing as a multicellular structure known as hyphae. Mold is easily recognizable, and if you cannot see it, you can usually smell it. Black mold is very noticeable, but there are other mold strains that are different colors. Many of them can cause damage to anything they come in contact with, especially porous material. Mold can cause health effects too. Our mold remediation specialists in Montrose can help determine if your problem is mold and mildew.

Can My Cabinet be Restored?

Porous materials, such as wood, readily absorb water. Saving the cabinet depends on the surface type and the amount of mold growth. Wood items often need to be discarded. Our technicians may be able to use controlled demolition to remove damaged portions of the cabinet and surrounding area. The kitchen cabinet may need replacing as part of the restoration process. Our mold remediation procedure involves:

  • Containment to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Air filtration using air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums
  • Removing mold-infested material
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting 
  • Restoration techniques 

Antimicrobial and antifungal agents are always applied to impacted surfaces. Sealants may be used to protect against future mold damage and to encapsulate any remaining odors. As Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians, our crew knows the correct methods needed for your unique circumstance.

Our techs are available every day of the week to provide mold removal services. We do not take a day off and offer our services 24 hours a day. Contact SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970 for professional, well-trained technicians that can provide the mold removal services you need. 

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Do Storm-Related Flood Damage Recovery Services Include Disposal of Contaminated Water Collected in My Telluride Home?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO employee standing in a home with equipment. SERVPRO has your Telluride hazardous storm waste covered.

Up-to-Date Knowledge of Lawful Hazardous Waste Disposal Is One of the Supports SERVPRO Offers During Telluride Flood Damage Mitigation After Severe Weather

Once you confront several inches of overland flood water in your Telluride home, you realize more than a wet vacuum and mop up is needed to clean up the damage wholly and safely. The water can be contaminated with many hazardous substances, including:

  • Industrial waste
  • Yard and landscaping chemicals
  • Roadway and sidewalk materials and maintenance treatments and coatings
  • Sewer backup fluids -- from either the curbside storm sewer or your internal waste drain
  • Overturned and soaked through household products containing toxic ingredients 

What Special Handling Is Needed for Contaminated Flood Waters?

During storms, heavy rains contribute to the creation of short-lived waterways, their torrents comprised of the precipitation gathered from over a broad area, and funneled into the box canyon surrounding Telluride. Flood damage mitigation and remediation must include containment and appropriate disposal of the water and its contaminants. Our trained, licensed, and certified managers and technicians are knowledgeable about current hazardous waste collection and discarding protocols in the local area. 

How Do Professionals Manage Hazardous Soiling Left on Surfaces After Extraction of Flood Waters?

SERVPRO flood damage remediation specialists follow up in flood-damaged areas after the water exits to ensure pathogens do not grow on surfaces. Affected areas receive cleaning and treatment with EPA-registered cleaners and antimicrobials. Once the treatment completes, we continue with structural drying strategies without fear that significant quantities of lingering infectious waste now airborne through the use of air movers will drift throughout your home.

Each municipality has its own hazardous waste disposal requirements, and SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride makes a point of staying current for all the communities we serve. Call  (970) 240-6970 to schedule safe and lawful flood damage mitigation and remediation.

Why Do I Need A Professional Water Restoration Company After My Downstairs In My Delta Home Flooded?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

boots on flooded floor If your downstairs has experienced flooding call the experts that are experienced, IICRC certified professionals.

For Any Major Water Intrusion in Your Delta Home, It's Best to Let the Professionals Handle the Cleanup

There is any number of things that can cause residential flooding. When it does happen, it can mean ruined items, structural damage, and extensive repairs. Contacting a water damage restoration company in Delta should be first on your list if flooding does occur. You can both money and time when you work with the pros.

Why Can't I Cleanup Myself?

It may seem smart money-wise to take care of water cleanup in your Delta home on your own. After all, the internet has plenty of DIY tips that make sound easy. But the reality is, after any significant water damaging event, it is better to put the situation in the hands of experts who understand what needs to be done. Here are some reasons it is best to deal with a professional restoration business:

    •    Insurance Claims – Your insurance will most likely require you to work with someone who can adequately assess the damage. They want certified pros to back up any claims that are made.
    •    Industrial Equipment – The hazards and cleanup requirements that come with household flooding require equipment beyond the typical homeowner's scope. If you do not have the needed equipment, you can do more harm than good.
    •    Safety Reasons – Trained technicians know what to look for when it comes to safety. Water cleanup may require dealing with black water if sewage or other contaminants are involved.
    •    Efficiency – The longer the cleanup takes, the great the chance of secondary damage such as mold and mildew. Immediate water mitigation means more of your content, and home can be restored. Cleanup and restoration can take longer than you think when you attempt it on your own. Professional help saves you and your insurance company money in the long run.

Do I Need an IICRC Certified Company?

SERVPRO has the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians. You never want to work with a company that is not IICRC certified. IICRC sets the standards that restoration and cleaning companies need to meet. These technicians understand what needs to be done in an emergency, such as a pipe bursting and flooding your downstairs.

IICRC techs have the skills and knowledge of the proper drying equipment to use and how to deploy it efficiently. Our company has the experience and resources for any size disaster. You do not have to worry about your home or belongings. We handle the water damage in whatever way is best for your situation with minimal disruption to your life. Our goal is to have you back in your home as quickly as possible. If you are able to stay in your home, we strive to restore the damaged part to normal use quickly.

What Happens After I Make the Call?

When you call SERVPRO for help with water cleanup, our team will be there as fast as we can. We understand how disruptive something as simple as a burst pipe can be to your family. If your downstairs flooded, that could include the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. That means carpeting, appliances, and household goods are all affected by the water intrusion. If it happens during the day where it can get caught earlier, the damage is minimal. But if the spillage occurs while you are away or sleeping, it can be extensive. When our crews arrive they will:

    •    Do a scope of the home.
    •    Find the source of the water if needed.
    •    Extract the water.
    •    Dry out the home and content.
    •    Deodorize if needed.
    •    Sanitize all surfaces with EPA approved cleaning products
    •    Clean and restore the content of the residence.

These are the basic steps that get done. Much more detail goes into leaving your home, “Like it never even happened.” The crew uses powerful pumps to extract the water. They check for hidden water with moisture detectors and sensors. Industrial grade air movers and dehumidifiers get things dried out quickly. If your belongings cannot be cleaned on-site, we will move them off-site to our warehouse for cleaning.

What if the My Home Floods in the Middle of the Night?

SERVPRO is available every day, around the clock. We understand that catastrophes do not keep business hours. Things happen at night, on weekends, and holidays. Our Green Team provides emergency water cleanup service no matter when something happens. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

If your downstairs has experienced flooding call the experts that are experienced, IICRC certified professionals. Do not employ a company that does not have the proper credentials. Contact SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970 for expert water cleanup and restoration service.

How Can I Deal With Fire Damage Restoration for my Burnt Up Garage?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Garage on fire When fire damage happens, contact SERVPRO of Montrose at (970) 240-6970, no matter how big or small the problem.

SERVPRO experts offer fire damage remediation for Montrose properties.

Fires, though most occur accidentally, can devastate your home in Montrose. Even a small fire may result in unprecedented losses. Pungent smells may be trapped between ceilings and other confined places. Walls and items become sooty, and the whole area could be risky to access. But once our technicians take charge of the situation, the damage seems "Like it never even happened."

Are the experts from SERVPRO the best in cleanup and restoration?

Our crew is the best you can find in cleaning and odor removal for Montrose residents. Armed with the science and technology relevant to the restoration industry, the skilled personnel are always set to respond Faster To Any Size Disaster. Knowing that fire accidents may strike anytime, we are always ready to come and get you out of the tragedy.

How do the pros deal with fire mitigation issues?

Our crew arrives at the site of the fire loss as soon as they receive your call. After initial assessment and agreement, our staff starts by identifying risks that may have resulted from the fire. Cleaning of the dirty surfaces, including ceilings and walls, is done after sorting out damaged from recoverable contents. Generally, our experts follow these steps to bring back your house to its previous condition.

  • Inspecting and assessing the extent of the damage
  • Containment of risk areas and sealing holes in the roof
  • Removing smoke and soot from surfaces
  • Cleaning and sanitizing contents
  • Scrubbing odors
  • Repairing damaged structures

Why is it risky to handle fire damage without the help of trained personnel?

Sooty and discolored structures and items require chemicals only experienced persons can safely handle. Structures affected by fire outbreaks are risky, and death could even occur. Undesirable odors are hard to eliminate, but with advanced equipment, the experts leave your house clean, free from off-odors, and remodeled to the previous state.

How can I quickly reach out to the technicians in case of an emergency?

Fire emergencies occur without warning and hence require emergency response. That is why our team of dedicated professionals stands guard day and night ready to come for your rescue anytime disaster may strike.

Call SERVPRO of Montrose at (970) 240-6970, for the fastest and best clean up and restoration.

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What is SERVPRO’s Advice For Delta Eateries To Help Avoid Water Issues?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

Employee washing dishes SERVPRO Advises to Keep Drains Free-Flowing to Prevent Water Damage to Delta Restaurants.

Inspect Appliances To Prevent Water Damage.

Every restaurant owner knows how expensive and inconvenient it is when water damage occurs. Sodden carpets, soaking upholstery, puddles on the floor and an unpleasant musty smell are all risks associated with leaks or pooling water. One of the worst things about water problems is that owners frequently need to shut down their establishment for cleanup and remediation. A closed restaurant in Delta is one that is not bringing in customers or turning a profit, and that is not good for business.

SERVPRO is here to raise awareness of a common cause of water damage to Delta businesses: Damaged or leaking appliances. Fridges, dishwashers, and freezers all have the potential to leak water and damage the surrounding area. That is why we suggest all business owners inspect their appliances regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Check fridge seals at least once a month. A broken seal leads to refrigerator leaks. It is also vital to examine outlets, drains and water supply lines. Leaks, kinks or blocks in water supply lines and clogged up internal drains both cause water to pool, and otherwise make a mess. Deal with any clogged up lines or drains immediately, and replace damaged components or seals.

Check freezer seals, too. SERVPRO also suggests defrosting the freezer regularly, as a build-up of ice might lead to leaks, prevent the door from closing properly, or stop the machine from running at maximum efficiency. Be careful when defrosting the freezer. Move food to another unit, so it does not spoil, and be sure to protect the surrounding area with towels to soak up pooling water.

A leaking dishwasher might cause extensive damage. Check seals regularly, and do not forget to check, clean, and empty out any areas where debris collects. It is not a pleasant job – but it prevents the need for a more complex cleanup operation in the event of a leak.

 Plan to check all appliances in the same way you schedule other cleaning tasks in your business. Maintain a checklist and make sure someone takes care of them. SERVPRO is on hand to assist with any leaks, but of course, prevention is better than cure.

For help with water damage in Crested Butte, Hotchkiss, Delta, Ridgway and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970 today.

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What Are Some Different Kinds of Smoke Residue after Fire Damage In Delta?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

Soot covered items SERVPRO professionals have the skills and expertise to tackle the different types of smoke and soot residue left behind after a fire.

SERVPRO Categorizes Smoke and Soot Residue into Four Categories.

Smoke and soot residue is one of the toughest challenges for restoration after an incidence of fire damage in Delta. The ability to restore your property is determined by the kind of residue left behind. Although some kind of residue is not that difficult to clean, other kinds can take more time and effort.

SERVPRO professionals use a multitude of techniques and equipment to eliminate the different kinds of smoke residue after fire damage to your Delta home. Our IICRC certified technicians classify smoke and soot residue into four different categories: Dry residue, wet residue, protein residue and fuel oil residue.

Dry and Wet Smoke Residue

Every fire generates smoke in both the wet and dry category. While some fires may produce a predominantly dry residue, some others produce predominantly wet soot. If the fire is fast burning, with an abundant oxygen supply, dry residue is deposited. On the other hand, fires that burn slower and have less oxygen supply, produce mostly wet residue. The burning of synthetic material also produces wet smoke. Material such as wood, cork, and paper, generally produce a drier smoke.

It is easier to clean dry residue compared to the wet and greasy residue. SERVPRO technicians can use more extensive cleaning procedures to clean the wet soot. The time required for restoration is greater for wet residues than for dry residues.

Residue Due to the Burning of Protein 

The residue formed due to the combustion of protein is most common in kitchen fires. Burning of protein-rich material such as meat, poultry or fish produces this kind of residue. It can have a color between amber to yellow and can form an oily layer on walls and ceiling. The odor is also one of the most significant problems with such residue. Cleaning of protein residue requires more time and deodorization is a significant part of the restoration process.

Fuel Oil Residue 

Although it is less frequent, furnace puff-backs can produce a thick smoke due to the incomplete burning of the fuel oil. Improper venting can result in the smoke particle deposition in the ducts. The fuel oil soot can be greasy and requires more time and effort to clean.

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Smoke and soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Montrose/Telluride will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting. Here is some additional information:

Wet Smoke – Plastic and Rubber

  • Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood

  • Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue – Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

  • Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Call SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970 today to speak with one of our restoration experts.

Who can I call for Water Damage Remediation In Telluride?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Home with icicles When the melting snow has caused water damage in your home, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation efforts. Call right away.

Water Damage in Telluride- SERVPRO is Here to Help

Homeowners in Telluride need to be vigilant of the weather and how it may impact their homes. We buy the proper equipment to remove snow, we clear our gutters and make sure our homes are properly winterized. In the summer we reverse it all and prepare to enjoy the outdoor beauty our city has to offer. What we rarely consider is that a threat to our home can come from within its walls. A broken pipe can be the culprit behind water damage to your living room or kitchen and just as you would with other disasters, a professional team is the best option to restore your home.

SERVPRO is equipped to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need services for water removal in your home in Telluride, our Green Fleet is ready to act upon receiving your call. Because we train in the top industry practices for water removal, we can quickly assess the extent of the damage and make an action plan to mitigate your losses. All you need to do is call as soon as a disaster happens and let us do the rest.

If you are not sure of how much the water saturated the structure of your home, we use specialized equipment to measure the humidity in the air and identify any abnormality. With this information, we apply our extraction and drying equipment to eliminate all traces of water, even those that are not obvious to the naked eye. In some cases, our SERVPRO team may drill tiny holes behind your baseboards to encourage air movement behind your walls and speed up the drying process.

Salvaging your furniture and belongings is also a priority for our SERVPRO crew. During the extraction and drying process, we remove the contents of your home to safer areas, or we prop it, so it is no longer in contact with the wet surfaces. If any item is beyond being salvaged, we remove and dispose of it in agreement with pertinent regulations.

SERVPRO of Montrose/Telluride is your unsung hero in your water removal needs. Just call us at (970) 240-6970 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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What Can I Do to Save My Montrose Home After a Fire?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

Fire line in front of a destroyed home When it comes to fire damage restoration, our crew at SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride is ready to get to work whenever you need us.

SERVPRO Helps Limit Loss Within Your Montrose Home Using Expert Fire Damage Restoration Methods

Anyone affected by fire loss in the home will tell you that this is an experience that is both frightening and traumatizing. SERVPRO is here to ensure you have a team on your side to bring your interior back to preloss condition. We will take the time to plan out our restoration efforts while working quickly to limit the monetary impact of the loss. Once you call us to your Montrose property, you will see that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and ready to get to work 24/7 for emergency fire restoration.

What Type of Damage Can I Expect?

When you require fire damage restoration in Montrose, our team will be happy to talk with you about what to expect. Damage from a fire goes beyond what you see after the flames get extinguished. Fire damage includes the potential for:

•    Issues with the structural integrity of the building
•    Potential electrical hazards
•    Soot and smoke damaged belongings
•    Water damage from extinguishing the flames

Prompt response and rapid action to begin restoration are crucial when limiting the amount of financial and emotional struggles that fire causes. Once the fire gets put out, and the first responders deem the building safe to enter, we can have a SERVPRO Green Fleet arrive at your property in as little as four hours or less. We start with an initial assessment that allows us to work most efficiently to achieve our cleanup goals.

Why Does Restoration Have to Begin So Soon?

The best time to begin fire damage recovery and restoration is as soon as your building is safe for entry. An effective response will help to stabilize your home so that we can salvage as much as possible. Waiting too long means that the acidic soot and smoke damage is left to fester, creating a corrosive atmosphere that speeds up the deterioration of vital assets and building materials. Further compounding the problem will be the water or dry chemicals used to put out the flames.

Can I Start Restoration?

Many homeowners are tempted to dive in and help with restoration efforts. However, there are many times when DIY cleanup methods cause more harm than good. There are several things that you should not do after you have a fire in your Montrose home, including:

•    Never attempt to shampoo your upholstery or carpets
•    Never attempt to wash painted surfaces or walls
•    Never attempt to use any of the packaged or canned beverages or food that had been stored near the fire zone
•    Never attempt to clean any of your electronics or appliances that have been subjected to heat, flames, or water
•    Never turn on any lighting fixtures or ceiling fans if they have gotten wet

Any combination of one or more actions above can compound the damage to your interior. SERVPRO has the right tools and techniques to safely handle your belongings and damaged materials to get the best results.

However, there are several things that you can do after a fire that may help facilitate our restoration efforts. These actions include:

•    Limiting movement throughout your home to prevent tracking and embedding of soot particles into carpets and upholstery
•    Try not to touch anything as further soiling can occur to your woodwork, walls, and upholstered furniture
•    If your electricity is off, you can empty your refrigerator and freezer, leaving the doors propped open, for a minor fire incident, leave for us to inspect first.
•    If movement in the home is unavoidable, try to place old linens or towels on carpeted surfaces to keep them clean

What About These Strong Odors?

As mentioned, the soot and smoke particles left from a fire can continue causing damage. Our IICRC-certified fire restoration technicians know how to deal with smoke, soot, and odors to prevent further damage from setting in. The stubborn residue left after a fire is not only odorous but also potentially hazardous to your health. Our team arrives and wears all of the right protective gear for our safety while working. We also utilize a broad range of odor-eliminating tools and products, such as:

•    Odor counteracting beads
•    Deodorant pellets or granules
•    ULV misters using water-based wet mist deodorizers
•    Thermal fog deodorizers
•    Odor and stain surface sealants

We also have a broad inventory of equipment like air filtration devices, air scrubbers, ozone generators, and injection devices that help us achieve our odor elimination and deodorization goals.

When it comes to fire damage restoration, our crew at SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride is ready to get to work whenever you need us. We are prompt, reliable, and work fast to make your interior “Like it never even happened.” Call us to have a crew deployed to your property at (970) 240-6970.

What Do I Do After A Flood Damages My Delta Home?

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded road When your home suffers from a flood you need a team with the right equipment and training, SERVPRO is that team.

Our Experts Will Assist You After A Flood Has Damaged Your Home.

No matter what the source of rising waters in your Delta home, you need a fast and creative response. One concern is the harm a large quantity of water can do to your house’s structural integrity. Another is the worry that comes from knowing if the water does not exit quickly your property the risk of mold growth escalates. Finally, what action is needed to protect your furnishings, personal possessions, and documents? We can help with all these woes, and more.

A broken water heater or heavy rains are two examples of how flood damage can begin in your Delta dwelling. Knee-deep in water, a homeowner knows professional assistance is needed, now. Our IICRC-trained crews have many strategies to address the mounting apprehension you feel. We offer a pack-out service to lessen your unease and enhance our ability to dry out your home fast.

Packing up and removing items for assessment at our production facility is helpful in many ways. Specialized technicians at our SERVPRO facility master proven methods to clean and dry articles you might otherwise discard, saving you time, money, and memories. Freeze-drying for paper and photos, controlled temperature chambers for electronics, concentrated drying spaces for furnishings, and more are available for your treasures.

We keep track of everything with our SERVPRO Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS). We utilize digital documentation as well as lists and an electronic barcode system to keep tabs on your belongings when we transport them to our production facility. As we evaluate and treat them, we maintain a log for you and your insurance company.

In addition to a better outcome for your packed-out property, the CCIS system permits our water removal and structural drying technicians to complete their tasks more efficiently. Each SERVPRO vehicle is a storehouse of pumps, extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. With the flood-damaged rooms in your home clear, it is far easier for our team to get down to the business of assessing and removing water, sanitizing the area, and achieving the drying goals necessary to make it “Like it never even happened.”

As incredible as it may seem, it only takes a short time for our surroundings to go from severe drought to being faced with the risk of flood damage. Significant downpours can quickly leave homeowners facing rising water levels in their properties and in immediate need of professional assistance. As much as homeowners prepare for this eventuality, acting with speed is perhaps the most critical factor; mainly if you live in an area susceptible to the elements. Knowing what your best resources are ahead of time helps you act swiftly and allow you to be knowledgeable when the restoration process begins. 

SERVPRO is prepared to be your ally when there is flood damage to your home in Delta. After disaster strikes, there is a period of confusion and uncertainty in evaluating the extent of the damage, and that is where our expertise comes in. Once we answer your call through our 24/7 rapid response service, we can dispatch a team of technicians that have been explicitly trained to ascertain what the most immediate needs are and begin to take action accordingly. 

Our top priorities are salvaging as much of your home’s structure and your belongings as possible. When flood damage has been widespread throughout a community, there are other considerations to have, including the stability of the terrain. Our SERVPRO crew can communicate with other parties to determine where the most significant dangers lie so that all restoration efforts occur with safety in mind. 

Our Green Fleet arrive with equipment designed to tackle situations of all sizes. Powerful pumps are used to extract water over a certain depth, while more targeted tools are occupied to remove water remains from smaller crevices. By utilizing advanced infrared technology and other monitors, we are able to determine whether your home’s moisture levels are at an appropriate stage or if there are still hidden humidity pockets to be tackled. Water extraction and subsequent drying activities are essential to restoring your home after a flood, and we have the tools and expertise to achieve full remediation methodically. 

If your home and family are vulnerable to flood damage, it is best to know who the experts are before disaster strikes. At SERVPRO of Montrose/Telluride we are ready to be your professional adviser as soon as you contact us. Just call (970) 240-6970 and let us bring you peace of mind.