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SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Services In Crested Butte: Information Our Professionals Want You To Know

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Services In Crested Butte: Information Our Professionals Want You To Know If we need to prevent further damage to your structure, we offer mitigation services.

Learn More About The Various Fire Damage Restoration Services In Crested Butte

The government has always shown its effort to enhance the preparedness of the citizens and prepare them for all hazards such as fire damage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) usually sponsors every September as the National Preparedness Month with the goal of encouraging people to take steps and plan for possible emergencies in their properties. For instance, if you own a business in crested butte, you need to get back to business after a fire or flood, and it all depends on the emergency preparation and planning that you put in place before such a disaster strikes.

There several restoration services that our SERVPRO technicians offer to crested butte residents during fire damage restoration. If we need to prevent further damage to your structure, we offer mitigation services. It is the time when we secure the structure by boarding up openings and setting up a temporary source of electricity. Additionally, we have to perform emergency drying procedures to protect the structure from secondary water damage. The water may come from the fire-fighting procedures that experts from the fire department perform to put off the fire.

The combustion process produces smoke particles which settle on surfaces and form soot. Our SERVPRO technicians offer basic cleaning services that focus on removing the smoke residues. Since different items react differently during a fire, it is our work to advise the property owner on what is restorable and on components to replace.

A service that aims to clean items within an office or residence is known as contents cleaning service. In most cases, our SERVPRO team cleans items on the job site, though, pack-outs may be necessary when the building is too damaged or is not secure enough for on-site cleaning to take place. Where necessary, we may subcontract specialty restoration services to clean some items such as expensive artwork, electronics, clothing, and perform furniture refinishing.

SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride offers stress-free commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. Call our highly trained and experienced team at (970) 240-6970 and let us restore your property to its former state.

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A Plan Of Action For Commercial Fire Damage In Telluride

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial A Plan Of Action For Commercial Fire Damage In Telluride When commercial properties are forced to close due to unforeseen events it can have a significant impact on their revenues.

Commercial Fire Damage

When commercial properties are forced to close due to unforeseen events it can have a significant impact on their revenues. Businesses need to balance their responsibilities to remain profitable and provide a safe environment for their staff. So when disaster strikes, the priority is to both act quickly and ensure a professional response.

Kitchens are common areas of concern for commercial fire damage in Telluride. If your business has built a reputation for serving excellent food, the short-term losses of fire are easily rectified. However, long-term issues like smoke residue, soot or toxins can be a lot harder to spot, putting your business at risk should the Food Standards Agency (FSA) pay a visit.

The professional, commercial services we offer at SERVPRO are focused on quickly getting your business back to its best. Once you have made the call, we can despatch work crews immediately to your property. Our project managers are here to develop a plan of action, mitigate loss and can keep you in the loop throughout our service.

We can clean your structure and contents of soot as well as wet and dry smoke residue. However, first, we need to conduct a pre-test. A pre-test involves assessing different types of residue and build up. Wet smoke, which comes from the burning of synthetic materials, responds better to dry cleaning methods. Chemical sanitizers and wet cleaning are more effective at dealing with dry smoke. Testing for these aspects guarantees an efficient solution.

Where it is necessary, SERVPRO can prep your interior for re-painting, remodeling or restoration. Smoke particles can remain in the atmosphere long after a fire event affecting your indoor air quality and producing an unpleasant odor. It is not the kind of smell that your customers or your staff want to experience.

Deodorization is an essential part of our process. Depending on the size of your business we can use industrial ozone generators that alter the surrounding atmosphere and destroy odors once and for all. In smaller areas, we can also use foggers with odor neutralizing chemicals to help bring your business back to preloss conditions.

Businesses are built on trust and who better to trust than a company with decades of experience in commercial restoration. Call SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride on (970) 240-6970 now.

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Don't Let Water Damage in Crested Butte Control Your Life

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Don't Let Water Damage in Crested Butte Control Your Life If your home suffers from a water damage event, contact SERVPRO to effectively dry out and mitigate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive With Tools to BOTH Locate and Dry Out the Excess Water in Your Home

Water damage is a problem that most homeowners dread. When it rains or snows, the risk of this damage increases significantly. It can also cost you over thousands of dollars and can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other toxins. There are various causes of water damage such as a broken dishwasher, a clogged toilet, a broken hose, an overflowing washing machine, a leaky roof, a plumbing leak, and a foundation crack. If the carpets absorb too much water, it can lead to odors and other problems.
Once you witness a slight indication of water damage in the Crested Butte property, it is essential to call a reliable water restoration company as soon as possible. Homeowners often think that they can handle the issues on their own. Unfortunately, extracting water and moisture requires advanced tools and expertise that many of us do not have. This process is not a simple DIY project, and if you consider the challenge, it can be very costly.
SERVPRO can send their skilled technicians to analyze the damage and begin the mitigation process to reduce potential property damage. With this process, the techs can utilize advanced drying and water extraction techniques. They can use equipment such as moisture sensor, moisture meter, and thermal hygrometers to detect the moisture content in materials and water vapor. This process can help determine whether the environment is favorable for drying or not. Keep in mind that these experts can control the temperature and humidity levels to create maximum drying conditions while attempting to prevent secondary damages.
If your carpet had suffered through water damage, the extractor equipment can help eliminate water from the floor. The air mover can increase evaporation at the surface level to reduce the drying time. It works by increasing the airflow so the moisture in the air can also increase. This process can get rid of excess water vapor through the dehumidification equipment. The desiccant dehumidifier can use a chemical gel-like silicone to absorb moisture and remove it. Keep in mind that even after all the moisture is gone, the odor still lingers. Luckily, the technicians have an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger that will emit a fine mist to destroy odor-causing particles. The device can also inject fungicides and disinfectants into wall cavities and other places that are difficult to reach. After the restoration process, the technicians can walk you through your house to make sure that you are happy with the results.
If you have experienced the aftermath of water damage, then call SERVPRO of Montrose/Telluride at 970-240-6970 for a consultation. We can send our skilled technicians to your house as soon as possible.

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Professional Mold Damage Remediation That Residents Of Gunnison Should Consider

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Professional Mold Damage Remediation That Residents Of Gunnison Should Consider Another cause of mold damage in most basements in Gunnison is the cold temperatures and higher humidity that lead to condensation.

Professional Mold Damage Remediation

Most of our basements have conditions that favor the development of mold damage. As far as there is a moisture source in the basement, then you should expect mold to grow. Given that most people do not frequently clean their basements, the dust can also help mold growth. Let us start by looking at the causes of mold and how to restore your Gunnison property after such an experience.

Another cause of mold damage in most basements in Gunnison is the cold temperatures and higher humidity that lead to condensation. When condensation occurs, moisture collects on cold concrete basement floors, walls, and metal pipes. Mold can also form in basements as an aftermath of flooding. Even when other rooms easily dry after a flood, standing water always remains in these areas. Our SERVPRO team understands that musty smell in the basement is a sign that your basement has a mold problem.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand that mold does not necessarily grow in one area and as a result, we have to assess the level of the contamination. Such as assessment helps us to come up with an approach to clean up and remove the mold. During the cleanup process, we use minimum PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes the use of disposable gloves, eye protection, and an N-95 disposable respirator. Our team is trained in using appropriate PPE and follows the OSHA standards when working at the site.

When cleaning and removing the mold, some dust and mold spores may settle on the surface. To remove the residual spores, we perform HEPA vacuuming. These types of vacuums have HEPA filters that trap the residues and retain them within the vacuum. After that, we remove the filters and put them in plastic bags ready for disposal. To improve the quality of air, we perform deodorization with the aim of neutralizing the odor causing particles and in the process disinfect the contaminated surfaces and reduce chances of recurrence.

At SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is in your commercial or residential property. Call us today at (970) 240-6970 and work with our experienced technicians.

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Proper Ways of Dealing with Flood Damage in Ridgway

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Proper Ways of Dealing with Flood Damage in Ridgway Call SERVPRO Fast to Mitigate Storm Damage to Hardwood Flooring in RIdgway

SERVPRO Explains the Need for Professional Stormwater Removal

You might be familiar with the common causes of flooding such as excessive rain, storms, and other major weather events. However, these are not the only ways flooding can occur and damage your property. Overburdened or clogged sewer lines can back up into your property. Even urban conveniences such as paving can redirect water to your Ridgway property, flooding it. Your property can flood in an instant or gradually. Whatever the cause or speed at which your property floods, we can help you take the right steps.

While the flood damage in your Ridgway property might not affect the structure, some of the contents like carpets or upholstery might not be salvageable due to contamination. The primary contaminants might include silt, sewage residue, among other things depending on where the water originates. Such contaminants should be considered hazardous and therefore handled carefully. Our SERVPRO team is better equipped to handle such materials, eliminating any danger that they might pose to you. Besides, where would you dispose them should you do the cleanup yourself?

For proper mitigation of flooding, drying the property to preloss levels is essential. Unfortunately, the water finds its way in easily but requires extra effort to get out. Our SERVPRO team has the necessary equipment to extract water from your property faster. We also set drying goals by taking measurements from unaffected areas of the property and use them to dry the affected areas to preloss conditions. We do this by using professional grade dehumidifiers and air movers. The actual number depends on various aspects of the loss including the total area and the contents of the house, among other things. Our technicians do the calculations on site ensuring your property dries fast enough.

In most flooding cases, other problems crop up once the main issue is addressed. For example, wooden surfaces might exhibit problems such as warping, buckling, crowning, and cupping. This happens because wood expands after absorbing excessive moisture. If our drying efforts do not prevent these problems from cropping up, we can also help fix them. For example, we can sand-out any areas that show signs of cupping.

Working with SERVPRO of Montrose/Telluride presents a better chance of proper restoration after flooding. You can call us at (970) 240-6970. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Forgetting To Clean Out Your Dryer Lint Trap Can Cause Fire Damage In Your Telluride Home

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Forgetting To Clean Out Your Dryer Lint Trap Can Cause Fire Damage In Your Telluride Home When it comes to your dryer, allowing lint to build up in the trap can eventually become a fire hazard.

Forgetting To Clean Out Your Dryer Lint Trap Can Cause Fire Damage

Upon occasion, everyone forgets to do simple chores inside their house but, sometimes, those simple tasks are essential for the safety of your home and forgetfulness can lead to fire damage. When it comes to your dryer, allowing lint to build up in the trap can eventually become a fire hazard. When the build up first begins to happen, it usually impacts the efficiency of your dryer. The machine cannot produce clothing that is dried to competition in the usual time that it does. However, with continued negligence, eventually, the built-up lint can become a fire waiting to happen.

When the lint trap inside of your dryer causes fire damage inside of your Telluride home, it is vital for you to call for help as soon as you possibly can. When help can get to your home swiftly, it is more likely that the remediation of the damage can be successful.

The first thing SERVPRO can do for you is to investigate the fire damage. The blaze impacted your laundry nook and ruined your detergents, fabric softeners, and some hanging clothing. Additionally, the walls and ceiling sustained soot and smoke damage, causing them to blacken with greasy stains. Our Estimator can go through the damages with you and explain SERVPRO's likely course of action. They can answer any questions, and it is their job to communicate with you through the entire remediation process.

After thoroughly cleaning up the melted plastics, detergents, and ruined clothing, SERVPRO can address the damage in your house with unique trade tools. Our team can set up an air scrubber to combat the odor left behind by the fire and filter the air. The device works by drawing in the very particles that cause the odor and neutralizing them, before releasing clean air into the room. Furthermore, SERVPRO can clean the exhaust duct of your dryer, ridding it of lint, soot, dander, mold spores, and other items. Afterward, we can spray a deodorizer to rid your machine of the foul smell.

To deal with the stains on your walls inside your laundry nook, SERVPRO can choose from a few different cleaning methods. The overall goal is to encourage the soot to separate from the surface. Because of this, lubricative, chemical, and abrasive cleaning methods are all options. Once the stains are gone, the final task SERVPRO can help you with is an insurance claim.

Never hesitate if forgetfulness causes an accidental fire inside of your home. Dial (970) 240-6970 on your phone to contact SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride. Night or day, we are always open and waiting to receive your call.

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Stopping the Progression of Mold Damage in a Crested Butte Residence

8/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stopping the Progression of Mold Damage in a Crested Butte Residence Finding mold on your property can be a cause for alarm. Contact SERVPRO to assess the damage and stop the infestation in its tracks.

SERVPRO Technicians Effectively Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Cleaning your home in Crested Butte on a regular basis keeps things healthy for your family. However, even the most thoroughly cleaned house can still harbor microbial infestations. At SERVPRO, we take this problem seriously and gain the skills needed to remediate homes in our community successfully.
We want families to live in homes without worrying about the health effects that mold damage in Crested Butte can cause in some individuals. Because mold, like any other microbe, requires water to survive, we use our moisture detection devices to locate any water sources that mold and mildew might use. Once taken care of, we can begin remediating the mold currently present in your home.
While we perform the remediation of your house's mold damage, we use clear 6-millimeter polypropylene sheeting to keep heavily infested areas enclosed. Doing this protects the other areas of your home from exposure through the natural release of spores which increase when we disturb a mold colony. These areas often direct contaminated air out of your home or into a HEPA filter, which traps any debris. Mold particles, spores, dust, and other small particles produced when we cut away materials with mold damage can spread contamination quite easily.
We clean some areas exhibiting mold infestation with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter while we clean other surfaces in your property with damp cleaning cloths. As we clean the mold-covered surfaces, we also work on drying out your residence's interior. Because we need to keep from disturbing any mold more than necessary, we also use dehumidifiers that create a low-airflow current. They still strip moisture from the air but do so without creating any new air currents that could prove counter-productive.
Once we have cleared your home of the majority of mold-damaged materials, we can then use stronger dehumidifiers to finish the drying process. Trapped water vapor can lead to other problems, as well, so eliminating this provides substantial protection to your property. SERVPRO technicians with IICRC certification in Odor Control (OCT) can also address any remaining musty odors. We want to make all of our customers satisfied with our work, so we work closely with each one throughout the entire job, from start to finish.
SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride can help you restore your property in Paonia, Ouray, and Ohio City back to a healthy state with our professional mold damage remediation services. Contact us at (970) 240-6970 to find out more about how we can help keep your home protected from microbial infestations.

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Sprinkler Errors Cause Water Damages In Your Ridgway Store

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Sprinkler Errors Cause Water Damages In Your Ridgway Store Many different things can cause your sprinkler/fire suppression system to engage, causing water damage throughout your store.

Sprinkler Errors Can Cause Water Damage

Your retail store in Ridgway has a fire suppressant system designed to extinguish a fire well before first responders can even arrive. While these sprinkler systems offer security to the business that you run in the event of an emergency, they are also not foolproof. They can fail or make errors in operation, causing you to contend with a water incident that is as widespread as the system is throughout your facility.

Many different things can cause your sprinkler/fire suppression system to engage, causing water damage throughout your Ridgway store. You should better understand the ways that this can happen and also appreciate the best course of action when you contend with widespread water damage like this in your business.

One of the first ways that our SERVPRO professionals have seen these systems fail is by degrading and eroding on their own. Since many of these older suppressant systems get comprised with iron or lead pipes, aging and moisture can degrade the integrity of the material, causing them to fail and spill their contents eventually.

Another possibility is a small fire occurs in a broad area of your store and gets easily extinguished. This small blaze triggers the sprinkler system to engage, causing a widespread area to contend with water damages and cleanup needs.

There have even been incidents in which sprinkler systems engage a fire that does not exist. While many systems do not instantly turn on with the pulling of a fire alarm, it is this kind of situation where fire suppression networks have engaged erroneously to combat a fire that does not exist. Then our SERVPRO technicians have to respond and begin drying and cleanup of the affected areas to mitigate potential lingering damages.

Keeping your store from experiencing water damages might not be a simple task, but having the right professional assistance to clean up the mess and get your business back on track is beneficial. Trust in our SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride water restoration specialists to rapidly respond and help you mitigate any damages that you face. Give SERVPRO a call today at (970) 240-6970.

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Water Damage Technicians in Delta Talk About Electrical Hazards

7/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Technicians in Delta Talk About Electrical Hazards Electricity and Water Can Be A Lethal Combination--Call SERVPRO for Water Removal in Delta

SERVPRO Proceeds with Caution When Electricity May Be a Factor in Water Removal at Your Delta Property

Whenever water leaks from an appliance or water pipe and gets into the living area of your Delta residence, possible safety hazards can exist. Water can saturate items and force them to lose their structural integrity and fall apart. For example, if your ceiling gets saturated the tiles or drywall can lose strength and fall creating risks to the safety of the building's occupants. Excessive moisture can also create electrical hazards that can make the work area dangerous.
Everyone knows that water and electricity is not a safe combination. This why during any water damage in Delta our SERVPRO technicians inspect the damaged area and see if anywhere that has electrical wires got affected. If the leak happened on the second-floor water may get into the first floor's ceiling where wiring runs. If water got into your house's attic, then wires could also get wet.
When water meets electrical wires or appliances, it can be disastrous because water conducts electricity. Having current running through water inside a building can create hazards for both our SERVPRO crew and you and your family. Our IICRC certified crew is trained to look for these hazards during the initial inspection. If we find any problems that propose a potential risk, we figure out how to mitigate the issue before any work begins.
The first step to any restoration project is to make your home safe for everyone throughout the work process. For example, say we walk into your house and see a light fixture filled with water and the light bulb is still working. If a light fixture is full, it could short out and run current through the water and be dangerous for people walking into the room. Electrocution is also the number one cause of fatalities for firefighters.
During this scenario, we first go to the power distribution box inside your home and make sure it did not get wet as well. If it is safe to touch, we shut the power off to the whole house. Once we figure out which areas were affected, we can then turn power on to unaffected parts of the home and shut off the breakers to the areas of your house that got wet.
If we are confident that we fixed the electrical issue, then we can begin work and warn you not to turn the power on in affected rooms. If the problem with wet electrical wiring is severe or complicated, then we can call in a certified electrician to fix the problem. If you ever notice water near electricity in your home, call SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970 24/7.

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We Provide Smoke and Residue Fire Damage Removal Services in Delta

7/8/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Provide Smoke and Residue Fire Damage Removal Services in Delta Fire damage can be devastating to experience. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage during this difficult time.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Many Cleaning Methods to Effectively Clean Soot After a Fire

The fire in your home is an unsettling occurrence for you and your family. Fortunately, you and your loved ones are okay. Unfortunately, there is smoke and soot damage in the den. A lit candle is the cause of the fire. You forgot to blow it out when you left the room and minutes later the flame engulfed the curtains. We suggest calling trained professionals, like us, to clean your home correctly. If not, the smoke and soot residues may cause permanent damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings in your home.
Our skilled and IICRC certified SERVPRO fire damage team in Delta utilizes advanced cleaning techniques to restore your home. One of the methods they may use is dry cleaning if the residues are dry and non-grease based. Typically, this is the initial step we take when removing soot and grime after a fire. Our professional team cleans surfaces with cloths or sponges. In some incidences, the crew may utilize vacuums to remove fire residues.
Wet cleaning is another method we can use to remove soot from surfaces in your home. With this method, SERVPRO techs use water with or without a cleaning agent. Generally, our crew uses this method to remove moderate to heavy residues from the walls and ceilings. Foam cleaning is a method our team may implement when cleaning fire damage surfaces such as upholstered couches or chairs and fabrics like curtains or drapes.
Another SERVPRO cleaning technique we may apply is called spray and wipe. Our technicians spray a cleaning agent on the surface and wipe it with a clean cloth. The cleaning agent is spayed in the form of mist and is ideal for surfaces that cannot tolerate saturation by soaps or detergents. Abrasive cleaning is also a method we sometimes employ. It involves the use of abrasive cleaning agents and pads to remove soot from walls and other surfaces. This method is not appropriate for delicate materials, which is why our techs most often use this technique to clean charred surfaces.
If you experience a fire in your home, call SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride at (970) 240-6970. When possible, we can restore your home to its preloss condition and make it look “Like it never even happened.”

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