Recent Before & After Photos

Home in Telluride Suffers Storm Damage

The wind and rain storm sent a limb through a window of this house in Telluride. The driven rain drenched the natural wood floor planks. The homeowners contacte... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Telluride Home

Mold Damage at this Telluride home developed between the walls due to water leakage from a pipe in the wall. The moisture from the leak caused dormant mold spor... READ MORE

Montrose Condo Suffers from a Storm

The wide open window during an all day rainstorm doused the interior of this kitchen condo in Montrose with a large amount of water. The renters were gone for s... READ MORE

Apartment Smoke Damage to a Telluride Home

The cold weather means the appearance of space heaters during the cold Colorado winters. This appliance tipped over and lit the drapes and clothing piled on the... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a Telluride Kitchen

Even an electric stove top can cause fire damage to a Telluride kitchen. The grease splattered, ignited, and spread to the curtains on the windows and the wall.... READ MORE

Montrose Mold Problems in a Crawlspace

Our SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride applied microbial remediation technicians answered the call to a failed mold cleanup. The homeowner had already invested $10... READ MORE

Flood to the Montrose Daily Press Printing Warehouse

A broken fire hydrant caused the Montrose Daily Press printing warehouse to flood. They have a press time release every day at 3 pm. The Before Photo depicts th... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage in Montrose, CO

This kitchen and adjoining rooms suffered extensive water damage due to the water heater leaking for four months that went unnoticed by a homeowner in Montrose,... READ MORE

Telluride Vacation Home and Water Damage

Moisture from condensation built up in the wall of this kitchen/family room of this Telluride vacation getaway home. The drywall panels that were damaged from t... READ MORE

Montrose Commercial Cleaning Service

This restaurant was between tenants in Montrose when we were tasked with cleaning up the residual grease, grime, and overall mess left behind after the last clo... READ MORE