Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage In Crested Butte

A flood can cause major damage to your property in Crested Butte. When a disaster happens, you can count on our storm damage specialists to be ready to respond 24/7! SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride has the certified personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, storm damage experience, and advanced training to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Telluride Storm Damage during a Renovation

The contractor did not need a storm to dump water in the middle of his project's renovation efforts in Telluride. The property manager, knowing the insurance implications along with the need for a rapid water removal service, can call upon SERVPRO to fulfill the requirements.

Storm Damage Efforts in Delta

The flooding deposited enough water on the carpet to warrant its disposal due to wetness and contamination from exterior debris. Delta area homeowners often turn to SERVPRO to clean up and dry out their properties to prepare for any rebuilding or renovating.

Delta Deluge and Storm Damage

This photo illustrates what SERVPRO water damage technicians can accomplish when requested for cleanup and restoration after a storm in Delta. The soaked gypsum board has been torn out, leaving a "flood cut" that has been dried and ready for installation of new panels. Fast service reduces damages, costs, and disruptions for our customers.

Post Flood Drying in Telluride

Hardwood floors by exterior walls are susceptible to floodwater damage after heavy rains. If the slope is negative, allowing the water to flow towards the foundation rather than away, the result is water damage. Homes in Telluride should consider SERVPRO for excellent water removal to mitigate losses. Extracting bulk volumes of water goes for naught if moisture is allowed to harbor within the tong and groove planks and the floor joists. Drying mats, heaters, dehumidifiers, and the right suctioning equipment can do wonders to save an expense floor from needing replacement. Homeowners always appreciate the fine work and attention to detail offered by SERVPRO ASD applied structural drying technicians.

Montrose Basement and Storm Related Damage

The stormwater entered this semi-finished basement and wicked into the lower area of the drywall panels. SERVPRO techs vacuumed out the standing water, cut and removed the non-salvageable gypsum board at the two-foot mark to reduce costs and time for the replacement. The air mover is taking care of the remaining bit of excess moisture.

Telluride Storm Flooding in a Business

The unclean rain water entered when the drainage system backed up in this advertising agency in Telluride. Setting up a portable sump pump while the cleanup started would expedite the entire service. Rapid water removal after a storm always mitigates damage.