Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Telluride Home

Water damage developed in this Telluride vacation home when a pipe broke. The home was unoccupied, so the hardwood flooring remained saturated for several weeks... READ MORE

Water Damage – Montrose Hardwood Flooring

Water damage to this Montrose home’s hardwood flooring left the flooring soaked and resulted in “cupping.” Cupping is caused by the moisture a... READ MORE

Small Condo, Small Water Problem in Telluride

The maintenance area must be kept free of unwanted moisture due to small leaks, even from a water heater. SERVPRO services many property-managed buildings in th... READ MORE

Montrose Water Damaged Flooring

The leak from the dishwasher allowed the water to seep into the joints of the oak hardwood boards and the supporting lumber. Water damage is not always readily ... READ MORE

Water Damage - Montrose Home

Water damage to this Montrose home created damage to the walls and flooring. The cause of the water damage was high winds within a severe thunderstorm that ripp... READ MORE

Telluride Water and Stairs

The leak from the roof meant the rainwater soaked the carpeted stairs in this Telluride house. The old and damaged materials were tossed, and the After Photo il... READ MORE